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The Kobelco SK210 Series Excavator lets you know that the real KOBELCO is back. Kobelco built these excavators with a special emphasis on the three E’s: Improvement, Economy and Environment. With state-of-the-art technology and ingenuity, this machine meets US EPA Tier 4 emission regulations while increasing fuel efficiency and job performance. The unbeatable work rate of these excavators is due to their high digging force and wide reach digging characteristic. The Kobelco SK210 Series Excavator will not only meet but exceed all expectations.

Kobelco Construction Machinery America just introduced the SK210 full-size, high-performance excavator to the Kobelco Mark 9 series of excavators. These new Tier 4 models include the SK260, SK295, SK350 and SK485 excavators. The versatile SK210 Mark 9 offers a 10 percent improvement in both fuel efficiency and productivity, with more power and faster engine response.

The SK210 Mark 9 features an update to Kobelco’s legendary Intelligent Hydraulics and a new Economy Power mode, and is equipped with the industry’s first selective catalytic reduction (SCR) solution for excavators. A new ROPS / FOPS certified cab provides a more spacious and comfortable work environment, and a low engine hood and rear-view camera as standard improve operator visibility and productivity.

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To improve system efficiency and reduce component wear, the Kobelco SK210 Mark 9 also features a fully automatic engine and hydraulic warm-up system. This system heats the hydraulic circuit to an optimum temperature of 52 ° C (126 ° F).

The Kobelco SK210 Mark 9 has an operating weight of 21,700 kg and a digging depth of 6.47 m. The new model offers a power of 160 horsepower (119.3 kW).

Greater controllability and productivity
The updated Intelligent Total Control System & trade; (ITCS) incorporates the culmination of three generations of continuous improvements in hydraulic controls, based on extensive customer input and product testing.

“The SK210 Mark 9 excavator maximizes the unique capabilities of its Tier 4 Interim certified FPT engine and optimized hydraulic system with updated ITCS,” said Norwood. “The ITCS recognizes the operator’s movements and helps him by providing power where and when it is needed. It also provides hydraulic sensitivity for fine grading and grading.”

Built-in swing priority, a first from Kobelco, provides a seamless and smooth transition from additional pump power to swing function. Automatic hydraulic regeneration feeds the oil-demanding cylinder first, with oil being expelled from another cylinder. This requires much less energy than having to re-pump the oil, and it also allows the next action to be taken with a faster response. The independent travel function, which is activated by a switch, dedicates a pump to the travel motors to enhance movement while performing other functions, such as when handling the pipe as it travels into the trench.

Kobelco has used a version of the Hino JO5E engine since the inception of the 8 Series (this is the Hino JO5E TA-KSSE) and has stuck to the proven Gen 10 drive chain.

Ease of maintenance has been a priority for the Kobelco team, and all maintenance, apart from checking the engine oil, can now be performed from ground level.

There is a triple fuel filter system, with hydraulic and engine oil drain plugs and space for your oil pan within the confines of the engine compartment.

Even the battery isolator is at ground level. Kobelco engineers are to be recognized for this redesign, which is not only a major safety innovation, but also creates easy access points to areas that are normally considered very dirty.

Overall, the Kobelco SK210LC-10 excavator is a great machine that should not be underestimated.

Kobelco’s attention to detail, excellent quality, and proven reliability, along with new technical advancements and engineering redesign, are very positive. Not only are they extremely beneficial to the end user, they will also help Kobelco win sales against you.

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The Kobelco SK210 Family includes

  • SK210
  • SK210 LC
  • SK210 LC Dynamic Acera
  • SK210 LC Mark III
  • SK210 LC Mark IV
  • SK210 LC-8 Dynamic Acera
  • SK210 LC-9 Dynamic Acera
  • SK210 LC-6E Dynamic Acera

Kobelco SK210 reviews

Looking for a 210 size hoe to add and complement (actually, it will become the main excavator) our CX160B. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with each machine, I was sure we would / would like the Case, but the Kobelco surprised me. I am very happy with the fuel consumption of our current machine and the new Case should be very similar based on what I am seeing / reading.

The case comes with a thumb and an extra bucket, however, because it has a thumb, its limited to how large a bucket can be used without removing the thumb. the kobelco doesn’t have a thumb, they both have quick couplers, we dropped the 36 “bucket and dug with both machines using the same bucket to get things fair.One other detail, the Kobelco is a wide (or maybe the standard track ) The case is a narrow track machine, operator said he felt like the Kobelco was noticeably more stable which makes sense.

I have a Kobelco SK210 to play with, it has a 6 cylinder Mitsubishi. I wouldn’t say it’s a great excavator, but it’s not a mini either. no complaints so far, and most parts are in stock in the case.

We have been very lucky with our Kobelco excavators. I have a tall wide SK210 with 4000 hours on it with only one AC line that was broken. SK210 with a wrist action trench bucket as well. I like them a bit more than a comparable cat. I know there is no mini but I think Kobelco will be around to stay. By the way, American machines are built in Georgia.

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