Kobelco SK210 joysticks not responding

Excavator Joystick Control for Kobelco 6 6e 8 Sk200 6 Sk200 6e Sk250 6 Sk230 6e Sk200 8 Sk210LC 8 Joystick Handle 1 Problems

We worked on the Kobelco SK210, everything was fine, all the hydraulics failed at the same time, the joysticks did not react. We looked at the fuse box: a 10 amp blown, replaced, the equipment came to life. I worked for about two or three minutes and again the hydraulics started up, the fuse was intact. The technique starts normally, the joysticks are pressed – there is no reaction.

See safety valve solenoid. It triggers when the armrest is lowered or the lever is raised and activates the entire hydraulic system. It seems to have been covered. The solenoid is located in the distributor area. In any case, then you can simply collect according to the characteristics, and not buy the original.

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