Kobelco SK210 pump problem

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While working the other day, the machine appeared to be crawling, puffing black smoke, and was not as powerful as it normally does. I figured it was the fuel filter, so I changed it, emptied the water in the separator, and cleaned the filter in the fuel pump banjo connector. In short, this did not change anything. I kept working for about 10 minutes after changing the fuel filter until an error code appeared on the screen that said “Pump P2 Propo Valve” with the letters “PSV” in a box next to it and a small “E2” in the box. top of the frame. When this code appeared, the left track started working immediately (it just turned very slowly in either direction). The right track was still good. After a few minutes, the left track worked again and the code disappeared. Shortly after, the code reappeared, but the left track was working fine. All the while, hydraulic performance seemed to drop and the machine was blowing black smoke.

I believe this machine has a Kawasaki pump that is controlled by a solenoid for each section. Anyway it sounds like a wiring problem or a troublesome coil in the solenoid. There should be a wire that connects to each solenoid on the pump. Make sure you make good contact. If so, follow the harness through the machine looking for worn or oil-soaked spots. The solenoids are proportional and receive the signal from the computer, so they move different amounts to keep the pump moving and not drag the motor down, you could try to change them and see if the problem changes sides, you might need the reloaded software on the computer or just reboot.

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